HIIT and SIT Yourself Super Fit!

It might be a hardcore thirty minutes of exercise, but that hardcore all-out effort is going to leave you both looking great and feeling amazing.  You will reap these benefits because within the thirty minutes of your all-out effort, [ ... ]

Supplements We Should All Take

The fast paced and high-stress lifestyle accepted by most Westerners is slowly working to reverse the health and wellness efforts many of us make on a daily basis.  Efforts made to eat healthy, sleep right, exercise and spend time [ ... ]

The 5 Vitamins of Yoga

Just like the importance vitamins have on our daily nutritional practices and health, vitamins are also essential to the practice of yoga. Yoga has 5 “vitamins” that nourish the soul.  They include Sraddha, Virya, Smrti, [ ... ]

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