New and Delicious Foods to Try in the New Year – Our Top 10

New and Delicious Foods to Try in the New Year

Here are some of the yummiest, healthiest and probably lesser known foods you should be eating.  Don’t let the exotic sounding names deter you, in this New Year these are the foods a healthy body needs and that you should definitely try.  If these are common in your pantry, pass the word and get all your friends and family “hip” to these stellar flavorful body boosting favorites! Enjoy!

Quinoa: This yummy, satisfying, gluten-free and energy dense powerhouse of a super food contains all 9 essential amino acids, iron, lysine, fiber, magnesium and tons of plant-sourced protein….Do yourself a favor and learn all you can about Quinoa, you will be surprised what this Incan staple can do for your health.

Millet: Like Quinoa, Millet is a delightfully tasty, gluten free and protein dense grain that is abundant in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol and cleanses the colon. Millet also increases your serotonin which has a calming effect on your mood. Now those are some serious reasons to put some millet in your skillet!

Kelp: Kelp, such as the familiar “nori” used in sushi rolls, is a salty sea vegetable that contains 46 minerals, 16 amino acids, and 11 vitamins.  Kelp is rich in iodine, essential for optimal thyroid function and it, believe it or not, tastes great! Go ahead and be brave, pick up some nori on your next shopping excursion and get creative with your own version of an awesome California roll!

Kelp noodles: Yep, for a bit more creativity with Kelp, here is the perfect solution to gluten dense pasta…Kelp noodles! Gluten free, no cooking required, super healthy, tasty and proven to aid in weight loss, kelp noodles are the new healthy staple to keep handy.  Check these suckers out, you will be amazed by the great taste and the many, many ways you can use them!

Turmeric powder: Add this all around “good for you” spice to all your savory dishes!  Proven to boost your immune system, prevent signs of aging and control healthy cholesterol levels.  This magic spice also naturally supports your metabolism and has such a great taste.  Be selective and go organic on all herbs and spices.

Coconut oil: Delicious, nutritious and lends to so many applications!  Eat it, blend it, cook with it, toss your salad in it, rub it on your body and enjoy it! Coconut oil has healthy fats proven to aid cognition, hormonal regulation and energy metabolism. Coconut oil tastes divine.  If you have not, taste this sensational health treat today!

Cacao nibs: Cocoa nibs are the roasted, separated and broken up pieces of the cocoa bean that have more antioxidants than blueberries, red wine, and green tea.  Not only are these suckers delicious and good for you, the antioxidants they contain are more readily assimilated than other antioxidant-containing foods.  Beware, these guys are quite addictive!

Chia: Chia is a delicious and wonderful source of plant based omega-fatty acids which aid in the reduction of inflammation, improve cognition and help the regulation of healthy cholesterol levels.  Chia, in the form of seeds, are an excellent nutrient and antioxidant boosting food that increases satiety and pairs with many different liquids, fruits and vegetables making tasty smoothies, puddings, drinks and more.  Chia is gluten free and fun!

Rawtella: Rawtella is the healthy alternative to the commercially produced hazelnut and chocolate spreads. Rawtella contains yummy coconut sugar, cocoa nibs, hazelnuts, and has the most amazing healthy flavor and taste.  If you have been partaking in a daily dose of a traditional breakfast spread, try rawtella for the best taste and glorious health benefits.

Hemp seeds: Hemp seeds are a nutty, delicious source of protein that contains all nine essential amino acids, high amounts of fiber, fatty acids and taste amazing!  Hemp seeds provide the texture and flavor similar to nuts that make any dish delicious. Hemp seeds also have a balanced ratio of omega fatty acids which is important to your best health.



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