Personalized Nutrition is Not Only a Thing, it is the Thing

Personalized nutrition might sound like another new nutrition craze but in actuality it is the approach to nutrition that is the undoing of all other fad diets, which offer a one size fits all approach. It is nutrition health care that considers the individual complexities of a person in order to provide nutrition education and counseling that is tailored to their needs and specific goals.

This ‘personalized nutrition’ thing may sound akin to common sense; it is however also supported by science. Food 4 Me was a large randomized control trial. It assigned participants into four groups: conventional, personalized nutrition, phenotype and genotype. The results showed us that those assigned to the personalized nutrition group were eating less red meat, sodium and saturated fat when compared to all other groups. (1) Those are healthy changes, but sound like standard recommendations. And yes, it is true that there are nutritional basics that every person needs. However, the needs of an infant vary greatly even from the mother feeding the infant. Each and every one of us holds a different place on the landscape of health. The hallmark of personalized nutrition considers all variables.

Registered dietitian nutritionists are trained to coach clients through the stages of change. To illustrate why having a guide along the journey of change is beneficial, take a moment and imagine that your doctor hands you a list of 5 standard nutrition recommendations and then sends you off to return to your busy day. What are you going to do with this information, well, probably nothing, because according to science we perceive change as a threat to our identity, security and safety. (2)

All too often we know what we should do, but do not do it. Common sense tells us changing habits is not easy. This is why seeking the guidance of a nutrition professional who can tailor nutritional guidance according to your personal needs will help you achieve the changes you desire. With personalized nutrition you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone, you make your comfort zone bigger!



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