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Best Supplements for Healthy Skin

Best Supplements for Healthy Skin

It seems like skin care has always been a hot topic. After all, your skin is a big part of what makes you, you! It gives you your unique look and serves as a protective barrier to keep the rest of your body safe and healthy.

If you care about your skin, you are probably already doing things to give it a little TLC (and maybe give you a little glowy boost!). There are lotions, creams, scrubs, masks, peels, wraps, and tons of other topical options. Even if you think you are doing ALL THE THINGS to keep your skin healthy, there are some sneaky helpers (in the form of dietary supplements) that you can add to your daily routine to step things up. And we know the world of supplements can be overwhelming, but no worries; Persona Nutrition is here for you.


Here are the 6 best supplements for healthy skin.


Borage with Saffron

Let’s talk skin barrier function. Basically, your skin’s outermost layer keeps moisture in, and damaging elements out. When your barrier function is working well, you skin is hydrated and firm! When it’s not, it starts to break down which can cause some issues with that hydrated firm skin. Thankfully, there is a supplement for that! Borage is a plant and its flowers, leaves, and the oil from its seeds are used as dietary supplements. Borage oil has gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which has been shown to have lots of health benefits. When we add Borage with Saffron extract, it helps to regulate inflammation and decrease symptoms of eczema (1). It may also be helpful in managing other skin conditions by normalizing the skin barrier function (1).

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is loaded with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is a fatty acid that our body needs to keep our skin healthy (2). And your body can’t make it on its own, so the only way to get it is through your diet or supplements.

Hair Skin and Nails

As we age, the collagen and elastin in our skin starts to breakdown. This can cause your skin to look older than it is. The collagen in our Hair Skin and Nails formula may help to reduce wrinkles by maintaining normal moisture levels in aging skin (3).

Omega with BioCurc

Inflammation is a pesky condition that can affect many areas of your body and can show up on your skin as well. These inflammatory skin conditions can range from occasional rashes, rosacea, or eczema. There are things you can do to reduce inflammation, including eating lots of fruits and veggies and getting in some exercise. Thankfully, omegas-3s, especially when combined with BioCurc, also have great anti-inflammatory benefits (4).


You may have heard the term ‘oxidative damage’ thrown around from time to time, but you may not know what it means. Basically, if you come into contact with harmful chemicals, pollution in the air, or other things that are dangerous for your health, they can do some damage to your cells. Thankfully there are lots of healthy foods, like fruits and veggies that can make sure those chemicals don’t do as much damage. And there are dietary supplements that help out as well. Astaxanthin is one of those supplements that helps to reduce cell damage, which can help to improve your skin complexion (5).

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Remember that oxidative damage mentioned before? It comes up with this supplement as well. There have been studies that show that ginkgo may also help to reduce oxidative damage, which may help improve your skin pigment (6-7).

Make your skin happy and healthy with the right supplements.

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