Clean Eating for Beginners: 5 Simple Tips

Fad diets often fail because they are rigid and restrictive and following them often requires doing a complete 180 to our current routines. Clean eating is no different. Luckily, when it comes to building new habits, a little flexibility can go a long way. Take these simple tips along on your clean eating journey and you will find that starting a new diet may be easier than you thought!  


 1) Eat more whole foods 

Whole foods like fruits and vegetables are the obvious go-to but preparing them can be cumbersome. Try store bought popcorn, hummus, apple sauce, or peanut butter which are convenient options that are nutritionally very similar to their homemade counterparts.  

2) Cook at home.  

Taking on clean eating means you will be spending a little more time in your kitchen. This can intimidating, especially if you are used to take-out. Pre-chopped veggies and spice blends can be helpful shortcuts. Try mastering a few simple recipes that can be whipped up in 20 minutes or less. 

 Remember, the more you practice cooking, the quicker and more convenient it will become!  

3)  Explore new flavors   

Eating more whole foods can get boring if you buy the same three vegetables every week. A balance between routine and exploration can be key for sustaining clean eating long term. Try incorporating one new vegetable or cooking method in to your routine each week. You might discover a new favorite!  

4) Be mindful of your eating  

Succeeding at a new diet means will require you to turn off auto-pilot to make more conscious food choices. Instead of viewing this break from routine as a headache, embrace the mindfulness that every new diet demands. Start by planning out a few meals each week as you make your grocery list.  

5) Better Hydration 

Sodas, flavored coffee and other sugary beverages are off limits if you’re sticking to clean eating. You’ll be looking for other ways to hydrate. Flavored water, low sugar electrolyte drinks, and seltzer are all great options if you’re used to drinking more sugary beverages. 


About Allie 

Allie is a spin-class-teaching, triathlon-winning nutritionist who loves to help others. She has a master’s degree in nutrition and has published academic research on improving food access for underserved populations.  

Allie is just one of Persona’s team of qualified nutritionists. Do you have questions about nutrition? Reach out. Our experts would love to help. 


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