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Who knew that one of my least favorite chores has a national holiday? November 15th is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. There are plenty of benefits that come along with the task. Some of the resulting meals of left overs and and end-of-life-veggies can be rewarding. It feels like a reboot for the month ahead. Join me on the cleansing journey of observing Nations Clean Out Your Fridge Day.


But first the facts...

Although keeping food stored in your refrigerator can extend their life, it doesn’t keep them forever. Know the limits of your left overs. Below is a list of common fridge dwellers and their safe storage limits (1). Better safe than sorry.

Food typeExampleIn fridge (40F or below)In fridge (40F or below)
SaladsIncluding egg, chicken, tuna, and macaroni.3-5 daysDoes not freeze well.
Lunch meatsDeli meats and pre-packaged slicedOpened      3-5 days
Unopened  7 days
1-2 months (opened or unopened)
Breakfast meats Bacon and sausageBacon - 7 days
Raw sausage -1-2 days
1 month (either)
Ground meatHamburger, ground beef, turkey, veal, pork, lamb1-2 days3-4 months
Fresh PoultryChicken or turkey1-2 daysWhole - 1 year
Pieces - 9 months
Fresh steaksBeef, pork, veal, lamb3-5 days6-12 months
Soup/stewVeggie or with meal3-4 days2-3 months
LeftoversCooked meat or pizza3-4 daysCooked meat - 2-6 months
Pizza - 1-2 months
EggsRaw - 3-5 weeks
Hard boiled - 1 week
Raw - does not freeze well
Hard - do not freeze
Foods containing eggsCasseroles, eggnog, quiche, piesAll examples - 3-4 daysCasseroles baked - 2-3 months
Eggnog homemade - don't freeze
Custard pie - don't freeze
Quiche baked - 1-2 months


Now let’s get down to business and lay out the rules of the cleaning game.

Remove all the food so you don’t miss any nooks or crannies.

  1. Yes, including drawers which you should soak with warm, soapy water.

Wipe down entire interior: shelves, doors, trays, walls, and drawers.

  1. Hot soap and water works wonders.
  2. NO BLEACH – bleach and food or surfaces food touch can be a mix that can result in illness.
  3. Natural products –
    • Vinegar – can be good for stainless surfaces but not the best for fridge interior.
    • Baking soda – great for removing stains and odors

Toss – Start with leftovers and opened foods. Then check anything with expiration dates.

  1. Put only the good foods back in the fridge. Maybe some good ideas will pop up when you see hidden foods.
    1. When putting things back remember to keep them separated. Cooked or raw, meal or veggie, and even eggs should be kept in separate areas of the fridge. Bacteria can spread quickly. Anything that could drip or leak should be on the bottom shelf (like raw meats or containers with liquids). I keep my meats in drawers, with fruit and veggie visible in clear tubs.

FINAL STEP – make a schedule and stick to it.

Go forth and conquer your fridge!


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  1. Storage Times for the Refrigerator and Freezer | (n.d.). Retrieved from Accessed November 10, 2018.

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