Introducing – Vitamin Pack’s Foundational Multi!

Introducing – Vitamin Pack’s Foundational Multi!

Do you hear that? The angels from Heaven are singing, the earth itself is rumbling, the clouds are parting to reveal…our very own Foundational Multi! We did it, we have achieved greatness! We took matters into our own hands and curated our very own multivitamin. We wanted to up our game and source only the absolute best ingredients to offer you a top-of-the-line supplement that is unique. Our Medical Advisory Team alongside our nutritionists searched high and low for ingredients that we feel are superior to others. After months of planning, we are happy to announce the release our Foundational Multi. Your pack may look a little different this month but rest assured, you too, can partake in this glorious achievement. Here are just a few examples of how our Foundational Multi will blow your mind.

Minimal Excipients

Excipients, otherwise known as additives, are typically found under the ingredient list on a supplement bottle. What you may not know is that some supplement companies rely on cheap fillers during manufacturing that creates a product that is ultimately useless. Making a bioavailable supplement isn’t cheap and fillers are a great way to cut corners. You may already be aware of some controversial fillers such as artificial colors, natural flavoring, or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). However, without certain excipients, supplement manufacturing wouldn’t be possible. Some safe excipients are needed to bind raw materials or make a coating. We are proud that our Foundational Multi uses the bare minimum of additives to provide you with a safe and effective product. Go look at the ingredient list, we dare you. We know you’ll love what you see!

Natural Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that works hard to protect the body from free radical damage, unavoidable by daily activities. Vitamin E can be found in nature (foods such as almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach, and avocado) and can be made in labs. Found in its natural form, vitamin E is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. However, synthetic vitamin E doesn’t always produce a compound that the body can utilize. For this reason, synthetic absorption rate is not guaranteed but is more of a hit-or-miss chance. Because we always want to select the most bioavailable form of vitamins, we take no chances by using the natural form of vitamin E in our Foundational Multi.

The Underdog – K2

If you haven’t heard of vitamin K2 yet, there is no better time to get acquainted. Vitamin K2 is showing promising results in osteoporosis, vascular calcification, osteoarthritis, and cognition.1 The United States is catching on a little slower than other areas, such as Japan, who have been using K2 for more than 15 years.1,2 In some situations, vitamin K2 is providing benefits that vitamin K1 alone is not. For example, dietary intake of K2 (not K1) has been significantly associated with a lower incidence of coronary heart disease.3,4 In addition, vitamin K2 distributes into various tissues more significantly than vitamin K1.5 Get ahead of the curve with the new Foundational Multi.

Active Riboflavin

As mentioned above, not every form of vitamin is perfectly “absorbable.” Vitamins don’t always happily enter your digestive system and find their way to the proper cell. Unfortunately, absorption is much more complicated and often not all nutrients are utilized. That is why selecting the most active form of a nutrient offers the best chance of absorption and provides a highly bioavailable product. Our Foundational Multi contains activated riboflavin to supply your body with what it really needs.

We couldn’t be prouder to finally offer something of our very own. Next time you tear open your packet, look for the little round speckled pill. Be careful though, it might just give you superhero powers. Or something like that.


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