Nutritionist spotlight: Gina 


As a Registered Associate Nutritionist, Gina believes nutrition is all about respecting yourself and your body by making smart but enjoyable choices every day. I sat down with Gina and got to know her a little better. 

How did you get into nutrition? 

In my sophomore year of high school, I struggled with an eating disorder. I had a fear of food and a poor body image that governed my thoughts. As I approached graduation, I started to recover—and that process taught me a lot about nutrition. I soon realized it’s what I wanted to do for my career, so I applied to a degree program in London. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did it help me understand my body and how to respect it by fueling it with proper food, but it also gave me an opportunity to help people care for their health too. 

What’s your biggest nutrition pet peeve? 

That a gluten-free diet is better for you. It’s really not! There’s no reason to remove gluten (and all the deliciousness it brings!) from your diet unless you have an allergy or celiac disease or another health issue that forces you to avoid it.  

This misconception stems from the idea that most “goodies” like cakes, pastries and biscuits have wheat as a base ingredient—and that by eating gluten-free you’ll remove these processed foods. In reality, they’re fine in moderation! 

What advice would you give someone who’s struggling to make healthy changes? 

Get on the buddy system! If you have trouble sticking to your health goals—whether it’s cooking meals at home or getting to a spin class every week—it’s easier with a friend. You can hold each other accountable on the days you’re feeling less motivated, and you’ll probably find it’s a lot more fun!  

What’s your favorite supplement? 

My favorite supplement has to be Vitamin D! It’s an essential nutrient that plays a role in so many functions in your body, but almost half of us don’t get enough…including me! I get plenty of sunlight every day, but I still struggle to keep it at a healthy level, so taking a supplement is important. 

What’s your favorite snack and why? 

I love popcorn! There are so many good things about it: it’s convenient, affordable, available all around the world and high in fiber! You can also add your favorite seasonings to it; mine’s an Indian spice called Chaat Masala. Perfect for movie nights! 😊 

What does your average weekend look like? 

I like to start my Saturday with a morning yoga class. The rest of my weekend is pretty relaxed. I like playing board games with family (we’re obsessed with Sequence), catching up with friends or bingeing crime documentaries! I also enjoy reading. Right now, I’m reading Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. 

Tell us something surprising about yourself. 

I have a HUGE family— including three nieces who are older than me!  

Check out Gina’s blogs and follow her on IG @nutritionist.gina 

Gina is just one of the many experts at Persona who are here to accelerate your wellness journey. If you have questions about nutrition or your personalized program, reach out now or book a free appointment with Gina or another of our amazing nutritionists. 


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