Nutritionist spotlight: Mackenzie 


Mackenzie leads our East Coast Nutrition Team. Since she earned her degree at Illinois State University, she has continued to pursue her passion for holistic nutrition, working daily to help people build and sustain healthy habits that improve their wellbeing over the long term. 

I sat down with Mackenzie and got to know her a bit better. 

How did you get into nutrition? 

I’ve always been interested in health and wellness, but my interest in nutrition sparked when I took a consumer science class in my freshman year of college. I had originally chosen Interior Design as my major, but that class changed my focus completely. I found myself researching nutrition inside and out, so I decided to switch my major to Food, Nutrition and Dietetics—and I’m so glad I did! 

What’s your biggest nutrition pet peeve?  

The belief that carbohydrates are bad for you. Carbs are your friend, not your enemy!!! They’re our main source of energy and they play a vital role in our bodily functions. Some of the diet advice you see out there might make you want to clear your pantry of pasta, breads, rice and other sources. But eliminating carbs can have negative impacts on your body, including low energy, headaches, mental fatigue and slowed weight loss—to name a few. 

What advice would you give someone who’s struggling to make healthy changes? 

Start slow. Make one goal and focus on that until you’ve mastered it, then add another and keep going. You’ve got this! 

What’s your favorite supplement? 

I love Beauty Sleep! It not only helps my hair, skin and nail health, but it also has L-theanine to help with relaxation and sleep.*  

What’s your favorite snack and why?  

My favorite go-to is a Greek yogurt parfait. I never get tired of it, because there are so many different combos of yogurt, fruit and granola you can make. And it’s high in protein and healthy fats, so it helps me stay full between meals.   

What does your average weekend look like? 

I like to start my weekend watching Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV with a big cup of hot coffee. I’ll also do an outdoor activity like biking, beaching or kayaking, and end the weekend with a date night with my husband!

Tell us something surprising about yourself 

My sister, brother and I were all born on the last day of our horoscopes! 😊 I also love to be outdoors and try new things. I recently went zip-lining for the first time across the Bahamas and it was a blast! 

Check out Mackenzie’s blogs and follow her on IG @nutritionist.mackenzie 

Mackenzie is just one of the many experts at Persona who are here to accelerate your wellness journey. If you have questions about nutrition or your personalized program, reach out now or book a free appointment with Mackenzie or another of our amazing nutritionists.   

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