Starting Off The Weekend

Weekends are a great way to recharge, rejuvenate, catch up on that hike you have been putting off, or just try something new. On the other hand, they’re an easy way to fall out of the healthy routine you have established throughout the week. How do you prevent this from happening, and at the same time decompress from the stressful week?

Here are a few simple tips:


  • During the week, don’t be so strict with yourself. When we’re in a mindset of being perfect for five days a week, it doesn’t take long for us to undo everything that was done that week. Instead of focusing on working out through soreness or eating 100% clean during the week, listen to your body. Take a walk one day if you are feeling very sore, eat your favorite foods in moderation rather than waiting for the “cheat” weekend days. This will keep you have a healthy mindset 100% of the time instead of just those five days.


  • Try not to stay out too late. It can be tempting to let happy hour on Friday night turn into bar hopping, and pretty soon it’s 2am. Ask yourself what are you accomplishing in those last few hours that you are out? How would it feel to wake up in the morning refreshed after eight hours of restful sleep and go for a walk with a friend instead of staying out? Even one night can put off your sleep schedule, jeopardizing your week ahead.


  • Plan a few hours for only you. If you typically have plans scheduled all weekend, it’s easy to forget about “me time.” What is it that recharges you? Whether it’s reading a book, practicing yoga or meditation, or going for a long walk, make sure you set aside, and maybe even schedule some time for yourself. You might be surprised by how productive you feel from this when heading back into the week.


  • Try to keep your healthy behaviors from the week. Think specifically about the healthy habits you have during the week that you let slip during the weekend. Sometimes, it is beneficial to let loose during the weekend, like taking an extra hour or two of sleep. But, if you’re used to starting your day with a healthy breakfast and taking your vitamins, there probably is no reason to let this go during the weekend days.


Hopefully these tips help you start the weekend off right. If they feel overwhelming, try to focus on one at a time. Maybe this weekend you will try to go to bed at a decent hour both nights, maybe the next you will set some time aside for yourself.

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