4 tips for starting off the weekend

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Weekends are a great way to recharge, unwind, enjoy a fun activity or just try something new. But they’re also an easy way to fall out of the healthy routine you’ve established throughout the week. If you’re struggling to balance rest and productivity, here’s 4 tips to for a healthy weekend.

1. Get enough sleep

Work hard play hard, right? While maintaining a work-life balance is essential for a list of reasons, but if you’re finding yourself staying out late into the night (…or should we say, early AM) and not getting enough sleep – it can wreak havoc on your week ahead. You might find yourself less productive, fatigued, struggling with brain fog or feeling more stressed. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and let loose on your days off, but just be sure to prioritize sleep so you’re well-rested and refreshed in the morning.

2. Schedule some “you time”

If your weekends are often fully booked: maybe you’re catching up with friends, doing household chores or running errands – it’s easy to forget about leaving some time for some self-care. Whether it’s an hour out of the weekend or a full day, plan out some time to recharge. This might be reading a book, yoga, going to the gym or watching your favorite Netflix show, but schedule some time for yourself. You might be surprised by how productive you feel from this when heading back into the week.

3. Keep your healthy behaviors from the week

If you use the weekend as your cheat days, you’re not alone. It’s easier to follow a routine during the week and do the complete opposite during the weekend. But keeping some healthy habits like getting an appropriate amount of sleep, eating balanced meals and moving your body will help you continue to feel your best throughout the weekend and rejuvenated once Monday comes around. Now – we get there are some weeks that are especially stressful and you just need to relax, sleep in a few extra hours and just do nothing to unwind. And sometimes you need to do just that and listen to your body, but if that’s your weekend norm, it’s probably best to make some shifts to your day-to-day routine. You’ll likely find yourself better rested and more motivated for the week.

4. Plan ahead

If your weekends feel jam-packed, try to plan out your week ahead. We often leave tasks and errands for the weekend, which can leave little time for rest, fun or activities. Instead, finish your small tasks during the week to free up your weekend.  

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