Wellness With Vitamin Packs

Wellness With Vitamin Packs

Wellness can be achieved by tending to the garden of your life: physical, emotional and mental health is all supported by good nutrition. Finding a solid source of nutrition knowledge can be difficult, especially since the Internet is full of misinformation and nutrition is a young science. So, with knowledge increasing at a rapid rate, being an educated consumer can be a serious challenge. If you are anything like the founders at Vitamin Packs, then you want to know that what you are putting in your body is really doing something and isn’t a waste of your money or time.


This was the same challenge that the originators at Vitamin Packs struggled with. How could they fulfill their health goals and have the time navigate their way through the nutrition information while still maintaining their lives that they loved.

With the oversight of a panel of medical doctors and a dietitian using evidenced based information they developed the Sage Vitamin Advisor as their solution.


With the wisdom of health and nutrition experts combined into software that the reviews your personal health information and recommends a personalized nutritional supplement plan to support your optimal health.


In an even greater push to simplify the shopping experience they decided to combine it with the convenience and safety of individual packaged Vitamin Packs.

With these two services combined you will get a 28-day supply of evidence-based nutritional supplements sent right to your door. The Sage Vitamin Advisor is so easy to use and the results are so accurate, it will amaze you.


Interested in learning what supplements are right for you? Take our free assessment.

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