Eat Your Way to Beautiful: Ten Beautifying Foods

Eat Your Way to Beautiful: Ten Beautifying Foods

Ok Ladies and Gents, now is the time to eat yourself beautiful! Whether you like it or not, we are what we eat, and it shows. Fitting the following delicious foods into your diet will help your skin to glow and your eyes to sparkle.  Be bold and give your body the beautifying nutrients it needs. Make it a point to replace processed and sugary foods with these healthy and tasty choices. Challenge yourself to try them all, and also don’t forget to take your vitamins and drink plenty of water.  Additional supplemental nutrients and ample amounts of water will keep you feeling great, charged, and hydrated. These foods are easy to find, tasty, and oh so beautifying!

Here are the beautifying top ten to try:

Salmon: Rich in healthy fatty acids and protein, this awesome beautifier improves hair, skin and nails.

Pineapple: Healthy, delicious and full of awesome enzymes promoting optimal digestion and creating an alkaline environment.  An alkaline environment is protective and decreases inflammation!

Mustard: Full of anti-aging antioxidants and the amazing herb turmeric, mustard adds flavor to foods and at the same time eliminates inflammation and promotes an overall healthy glow and increased metabolic rate!

Kale: Kale is an excellent source of phytonutrients that prevent rapid aging and that increase immunity, radiance and energy.  Adding kale to your smoothies and salads is a great way to boost your beauty from the inside out.

Eggs: This super beautifier gives your body the healthy cholesterol and fat it needs to get all your hormones happy and to make you shine!

Blueberries: Like kale, blueberries are a phytonutrient power food working to help you defy age and feel your best.  Blueberries are antioxidant rock stars that do everything for your body from promoting mental clarity to improving the integrity of your skin!

Caviar: No need to get fancy here, basic grocery store caviar will do!  Caviar offers your body the essential fats and healthy cholesterol helping your body to feel and look amazing! Pair this with a bit of champagne and you have a delicious way to get beautirific!

Sardines: You may not know this, but sardines taste great and are a calcium, protein and nutrient dense sources of intense beauty!  Start eating these guys and you will feel and look radiant, nourished and balanced.

Flax: Flax is a wonder food full of plant-based protein, healthy fats and important nourishing nutrients that work to improve hormonal function, digestion, and overall health. Flax is a nutty flavored favorite that boosts beauty by the spoonful!

Apples: An apple a day gets you beautiful right away!  Apples are an excellent source of nutrients and fiber that work to increase your energy, improve your skin, and promote healthy intestinal motility.



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