Wisdom In The Workplace: Staying Healthy On The Job

If you find your positivity, great attitude and energy are on the rise but your workplace “zaps” it all out of you, don’t let this be a bother, there are many wise ways to “tweak” your work environment to your benefit.  Tweaking your workplace, work space, desk, break room and overall workplace culture will work to ensure your health remains in check and that your environment and presence increases the health and wellness of your colleagues as well!

Here are a few ways to increase the “wisdom in the workplace” and to shift a not so healthy workplace into a healthy haven!

  1. Start with your desk, remove the clutter and add a plant.  Plants are nurturing, purifying and soothing to look at. Plants are inviting and make your desk more “friendly” for you and others.
  2. Mandate self-care on yourself.  Set a timer and every hour on the hour, get outdoors for a few minutes.  Go run around the building, take a stroll, jump some rope or run a sprint.  Doing so will clear your head and increase your feel good hormones making you feel amazing and making you a better, happier and more approachable person for your co-workers.
  3. Advocate for healthy perks such as gym memberships, yoga studio memberships and in the office seated massages. You never know how or what you may be “gifted” with! Most employers have become “hip” to incentivizing employee health as it decreases health care costs.
  4. Replace your chair with a yoga ball, keep a medicine ball at your desk and stand as often as you sit.  Every time you have an energy lull, do something active to reboot and reenergize! You will get more work done and feel great!
  5. Stay positive no matter what! Finding the “gift” in everything around you is key.  Make sure you practice gratitude and give thanks for your colleagues, bosses, inspirational leaders and all of the individuals who come and go throughout your day.  Raise them up.  Smile, give a good word and offer praise.
  6. Be nice. Positive attention given to others is free.  We have the ability to help others do better just by holding a positive attitude with them.
  7. Owning your power of “intent” allows you to “intend” to make your environment and attitude better and such truly impacts you and those around you!
  8. Stand, squat, breathe deep, visualize success and stay focused!  Keep on track and keep your body moving.  Sitting all day will stifle your creativity and your mood!
  9. Take your vitamins.  Bring healthy food to work. Drink plenty of water and hot tea.
  10. Lead by example.  Be the change you wish to see in the workplace and your “wisdom” will become contagious!



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