Need A Meal Replacement? Try Smoothies! : The Top Ten Health Benefits of Delicious, Nutritious and Health Enhancing Smoothies

The Top Ten Health Benefits of Delicious, Nutritious and Health Enhancing Smoothies

Day to day finding simple ways to get all of the vegetables and fruits into our diet that we should can be difficult and a perfect solution is the healthy, nutrient packed smoothie!  The smoothie I am talking about is not a milkshake, blizzard or frozen margarita…it is the kind based on green vegetables, fresh fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax and alternative milks, such as almond milk, soy milk or hemp milk. A healthy smoothie is the perfect meal replacement that is free of additives, chemicals and processed products that meal replacement bars often include.  Here are the top ten health benefits smoothies have to offer your body (Enjoy!):
1. Smoothies are excellent for optimal digestion and for a super-fast uptake of nutrients. Smoothies are readily metabolized and have a short transit time within your digestive system. This is excellent for your health….and your digestive system will thank you with regularity!

2. Smoothies are excellent for weight-loss. They are packed with fiber which creates a very satiating feeling and the fiber clears and cleanses your intestinal system.

3.  Vitamin and Mineral Packed! Smoothies, if made with fresh vegetables and fruits, are packed with the essential vitamins and minerals that your body craves and needs. Vegetables and fruits are dense in Vitamin C, Folate, Calcium, Potassium and a host of other micro and phytonutrients that nourish your body, mind, and soul. Delicious and Nutritious…..even, dare I, “yummy-licious”!

4. If you eat green, you will crave green! Seriously, if you start making green smoothies and allow your body to feel all the goodness that they provide, you will start to crave them! Forget your junk-food cravings, you will be salivating for a mix of all things plant powered!

5. Salt-free… Smoothies are free of sodium and you can be sure of each and every ingredient…you put them in! Lowered blood pressure is just one of the great things your body experiences with smoothie based nutrition.

6.  Cleanses the blood… Smoothies dense in green foods are high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an amazing source of total body nourishment, increased oxygenation and a fabulous tonic for the blood working to cleanse and clarify it!

7. Energizing. Whole food, plant based and sugar-free smoothies energize the body with an enormous dose of vitamins, minerals, and pure unadulterated nutrition. The smoothie is a fantastic way to naturally increase your energy without caffeine or pills.

8. Immune Boosting. Smoothies are packed with Vitamin C, and, depending on the vegetables and fruits you choose, Vitamin A, E, D, K, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, Iron and many other nutrients that promote a healthy and supported the immune system.

9. Wrinkle Tamer…..All of the nutrient infused fluids you ingest through your healthy smoothie work to hydrate and smooth the skin. Vitamins and minerals are essential for collagen production and stress reduction…and we all know stress shows up as wrinkles!

10. Sugar Busted! Smoothies are an excellent way to bust sugar out of your life. The more natural vegetables and fruits you put into your body the more your body responds in magical ways. Your blood sugar will balance, your palate will change, your hunger will differ and before you know it, refined sugar and processed foods will actually cause you to become sick! Your body will reject bad food and crave only the best, nourishing and energizing foods! That is awesome news!

It is my hope that you will get “smoothie-licious” and start experimenting with all the wonderful vegetables and fruits Mother Nature has to offer. There are numerous recipe books, websites and podcasts speaking to the amazing health benefits of whole food based smoothies. Have fun, explore, experiment and experience the ultimate “yum” of a nutrient dense smoothie!


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