Eat Your Inflammation Away: 9 Simple Tips To Naturally Quell Pain With an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

9 Simple Tips To Naturally Quell Pain With an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

If you are suffering from daily inflammation and pain there is an all-natural approach to relieving your symptoms simply through the use of anti-inflammatory foods. This all-natural approach is simple, effective and very tasty! With the use of an anti-inflammatory diet, your body will gradually become less inflamed and your pain will diminish. If you have tried other approaches to remedy your pain and inflammation and still suffer daily, give anti-inflammatory foods a try and see how your body responds. It might take a few days to start feeling better, but you can do this, just stick with it and you will be ever so glad you did.

Here are a handful of simple tips helping you to a life with less pain and helping you do so naturally….with anti-inflammatory food! Here we go!

  1. For Goodness Sake, Eat Your Greens! Leafy greens are a great start to get your body into anti-inflammatory mode.  Greens offer the phytonutrients needed to nourish, cleanse and alkalize the body.
  2. Go Fish! Fish are a great weapon in the reduction of inflammation due to the amazing polyunsaturated fatty acids they feed the body. Polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce the inflammatory process in the body.
  3. Nutty for Nuts? I hope so! Nuts supply additional nutrients and protective fats that also reduce inflammation and help abate inflammatory pain.
  4. Water, Why Not? Help your body remove all of the toxins and chemicals that are causing inflammation. Flush them out with water.  Replace your sodas with water if you can too.  That would really do your body good!
  5. Cut the Sugar. Sugar is the main culprit in both creating and increasing inflammation. In the nutrition world, don’t be afraid, but sugar is referred to as the devil….so ditch it if you can!
  6. Reduce the Nightshades. Nightshade vegetables are tasty, but they do increase inflammation.  Tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers should be eaten less than more (or not at all…).  Remember to eat all of the other vegetables you can!  Such is the way to less pain!
  7. Forget the Fried. Fried foods really do a number to you in terms of inflammation and pain.  The hydrogenated oils cause the body to create inflammation and stress.
  8. Beware of the BBQ. Foods that have been grilled create an increase of inflammation.  Instead of grilling, how about steaming or baking? Remember, go for fish and try to reduce your intake of red meat.
  9. Good Bye Gluten! Gluten metabolizes into sugar which, as stated above, is not good for reducing pain and inflammation.  Going gluten free is easier than you might think…. Go for the greens and fish instead.

Friend, if you try these tips out and allow yourself the time to track how you are feeling, and follow through, you will most likely experience a tremendous reduction in inflammation and pain. You can try these tips in increments or just go for it and change things up for the better with a total diet over-haul. Any way you do it, I just know your body will benefit!



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