Vertigo and Your Diet

Vertigo can manifest in association to a variety of health conditions such as migraines, viral infections, allergic reactions, Ménière’s disease, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis and even be of unknown origin. The root cause of vertigo can be found in different systems in the body.

At this point it is entirely unclear if and how diet is related to the experience of vertigo. Some researchers are investigating different areas related to diet, at this point it is speculation but let’s take a look.

If your vertigo is accompanied by dizziness then it is possible you may be dehydrated. Ensuring you have adequate fluids in a day is important, on average 6-8, 8 ounce glasses of water every day. Caffeinated drinks can contribute to dehydration. (1) Focus on hydrating with herbal tea and water. Limit your intake of soda, coffee and tea.

Some relationship has been established with magnesium deficiency neurological symptoms that may include vertigo, nausea and weakness. (2) Although magnesium deficiency is not common, you can check with your doctor if your diet is lacking in foods such as: cereal, grains, fish, nuts, beans, cheese, milk, green vegetables and fruit.

Food Allergies cause in increase in a chemical messenger called histamine. Allergic reactions can have varying degrees of symptoms and can include symptoms of vertigo. (3)(4) If you think this is a possibility, make an appointment with a doctor or dietitian to help you get to the root of any food sensitivity or allergy.

Researches sought to determine if vitamin D deficiency was related to vertigo and found no relationship to vitamin D status and symptoms of vertigo. (5)

Some studies have reported that addressing underlying blood sugar highs and lows helped to reduce symptoms of vertigo. (6) Also other studies found that managing underlying triglyceride and cholesterol issues reduced symptoms of vertigo. (7) If you have pre-diabetes, diabetes, high cholesterol or triglycerides and have vertigo, strongly consider better management of those as a possible root cause of the symptom of vertigo.


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