5 Tips for Healthier Joints 

Physical activity, a healthy diet, and good posture can help you stay healthy and keep your joints healthy, too. Persona dietitian, Emily Navarro, breaks it down:    1) Maintain a healthy weight   Carrying a few extra [ ... ]

Supplements for Joint Pain

Whether you are a boomer recovering from a knee replacement, exercise enthused millennial, or sufferer from chronic aches and pains, no one is immune to joint pain. The dreaded dull ache, stiffness, and or burning sensation is less [ ... ]

All About the Mediterranean Diet

How many times haven’t we gone on a diet and quit shortly after because it was just too intense and restrictive? I may have the solution for you; the Mediterranean Diet. What is the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet was [ ... ]

How Antioxidants Work Their Magic

You’ve probably heard of antioxidants before, and maybe even named dropped them yourself, but have you ever stopped to think about what antioxidants are and how they benefit you? In the spirit of 2020, let’s start with the bad [ ... ]

What is Systemic Enzyme Therapy?

Enzymes are important compounds that are required to complete many processes in the body. Enzymes are unique because they work as catalysts to assist in chemical reactions. You can imagine enzymes as a counselor mediating a conversation [ ... ]

Health Benefits of Astaxanthin

Protecting our health is a priority for us right now, and many of us are finding ways to boost our immune system and to stay healthy. Some of us have been adding high-antioxidant foods and supplements to our diet, and if you haven’t [ ... ]

Aging Like Fine Wine

A compliment I never thought I would appreciate is “You are aging like fine wine”. When we are young, the last thing we think about is how we will live our years in the decades to come! Thanks to advancements in science and [ ... ]

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