Love, sex, and immunity

Social distancing is being practiced far and wide right now as a way to help #flattenthecurve and it appears to be working. It’s also giving couples more opportunities to support their immunity through intercourse. That is right—while [ ... ]

Why is Self-Care Important?

You are important. Did you know that? Many of us live in a fast-paced environment where we are forced to balance work, friends, family, our health, and even the pressures of social media. Stress is easy to take on and difficult [ ... ]

3 Ways To Boost Happiness

Are you feeling stressed out yet? It’s mid-summer and your schedule may be starting to overwhelm you; that camping trip this weekend made getting up for work on Monday difficult, you are staying up with the longer days and sleeping [ ... ]

Salmon with Strawberry & Basil

Packed with brain-boosting Omega-3 fatty acids, this super-simple Summer recipe is a great way to support healthy aging. Pair this dish with a light and low-tannin red wine for an extra antioxidant punch that will have you feeling [ ... ]

Making the Best of Aging

As my body raced full-speed into the “golden years”, or the “rust years” as I like to call them, I started thinking about how I could maintain my health as I aged. As a physician I had seen the effects of aging first hand [ ... ]

A Guide to Fats and Omega-3s

Have you heard all about the great health benefits of fish oil, but still aren’t exactly sure what an omega-3 fatty acid is? Or what a fat is in general? Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential nutrients. An essential nutrient [ ... ]

The Basics of Hemp Extract

If you aren’t yet familiar with hemp extract, you are likely to hear about it from the media in the near future. Unlike the psychoactive compound also found in Cannabis called THC, hemp extract does not cause a “high” or impair [ ... ]

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