Nutritionist spotlight: Agnes 

Agnes is a key member of our team in helping customers get the most out of their program. She’s an accredited Nutritionist by the Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association and enjoys teaching people how a nutritious diet [ ... ]

Nutritionist spotlight: Hayley

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Hayley is a vital member of our Research and Development team. She earned her dietetics degree from Florida State University and completed her supervised internship at Sodexo while earning her [ ... ]

Nutritionist spotlight: Gina 

As a Registered Associate Nutritionist, Gina believes nutrition is all about respecting yourself and your body by making smart but enjoyable choices every day. I sat down with Gina and got to know her a little better.  How [ ... ]

Nutritionist spotlight: Natalie 

Natalie gained her expertise at the University of North Florida. Her goal is to teach others that good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. She’s especially passionate about intuitive eating. I had the chance to sit down [ ... ]

Pharmacist spotlight: Ruby

Nutritionist, Pharmacist and Personal Chef, Ruby is a strong advocate for integrative wellness. At Persona, she helps manage our drug-nutrient database to ensure our customers’ prescription medications and supplements don’t [ ... ]

Nutritionist spotlight: Holly

Holly is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who works with Persona customers daily to help them get the most from their programs. She earned her degree from Michigan State University before completing a supervised practice program [ ... ]

Nutritionist spotlight: Yaquelin 

As leader of Persona’s nutrition outreach program, Yaquelin lives her passion, by helping others to live healthier, happier lives. She developed her expertise at the University of Nevada Reno, where she earned her degree before [ ... ]

Nutritionist spotlight: Madison

A key member of our Research and Development team, Madison has a passion for women’s health. She holds a degree in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M University and leverages that expertise to tackle the barriers faced by [ ... ]

Health & Happiness Index 2022

Where does your state rank? Ever wonder which state is the happiest? What about the sleepiest? Is your state as chill as Hawaii or as high-strung as New York? These may seem like trivial questions, but they get to the heart of an [ ... ]

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