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Finding Your Fitness Community

The monotony of our daily schedules can get the best of us sometimes.  Exercise serves not only as an outlet, but an excellent self-care method to temporarily remove us from our stressors!  Moving our bodies not only distracts us from our compartmentalized lives, but also reaps several benefits both physically AND mentally.  While personalized workouts are both convenient and effective, they are missing they component of community, that group workouts offer.

Growing up, I watched my mother attend several group classes each week.  Pilates, Step, Kick Boxing and Core Training were some of her regulars, to name a few.  I never understood her love for these classes – until now.  After you take one class, the feeling of accomplishment and accountability leaves you craving more.  A built-in support system begins to form and soon enough, your fitness family is born.  More classes, more motivation, more structure, more support…even, dare I say it, more FUN!

Holding ourselves accountable while working out is a struggle we all face – but the communal support of pushing through is powerful.  Finishing repetitions on arm day can be difficult, however the thrill of completing the triceps, biceps and chest track at BodyPump is energizing.  An instructor once told me that most people complete 5x as many repetitions in one hour of BodyPump than self-guided lifting in the weight room! Friendships are formed in this social atmosphere, as the pairing of camaraderie and accomplishment is addicting.  Whether you wish to build a weekly schedule with just a couple of your favorite or several new classes, this exciting environment does wonders for your health.

This week, I challenge you to try one group workout.  Grab a friend or go solo! Simply showing up can make all the difference.  See below for different recommendations based on your personal fitness goals:

“I want high intensity, sweat and sore muscles.”

Boxing, Tabata, an Orange Theory Fitness class, CrossFit or Boot Camp!

“I want something to connect my body and mind.”

Pilates, Hot Yoga or Kick Boxing.

“I want long, lean muscles with gradual toning.”

Barre or BodyPump.

“I want a form of cardio that is enjoyable.”

Spinning, Aerobics or Zumba!


“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie J.T. Stepanek


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