Chronically Late? 8 Tips To Make Every Date!

Chronically Late? 8 Tips To Make Every Date!

Many people struggle with punctuality and find that they are constantly battling the clock and running late. We are either late for a date, a meeting or even rushing to get to a class. Believe me, if this sounds like you, you are not alone. I too understand how frustrating and stressful running late can be and how it can annoy those who have to wait on you. But, rest easy, there are simple little tweaks you can try today that are useful for anyone wanting to be on time (or closer to it!).

Have fun with these tips and before you know it, you might just be the early bird!

  1. Please….go to bed early, or at least on time.  If you go to sleep when you know you should, you are most likely to wake up when you should.  This might take some practice, but you can do it and your body will love it!
  2. Try this next…..No snoozing allowed. Oh, I know! What discipline! It almost hurts to think that you cannot hit the snooze button, one, two or three times… Nope! This is part of it, learning to have a structured sleep and wake cycle.  If you follow tip one, there will be no more reason to sleep in or over.  This is an awesome way to start getting your day going on time.
  3. You’re doing it right…..Tip three is to stick with tip one and two until you have mastered them. If you are a late night owl, getting yourself disciplined and ready for a structured sleep wake cycle will be a practice that will take time and patience.  Keep at it.  You will be so happy you did.
  4. Ok, now we mix things up…..Like tea! Please start mixing up a relaxing tea in the evening and a refreshing one in the morning. This will help your body flow with what you need it to do…rest and relax at night and wake and become energized in the morning.  Try sleepy time tea for the evening and green tea in the morning.
  5. Map it out…..Become an organized planner and get ready the night before.  Set out your gym bag, work clothes, phone, keys and water bottle the night before.  You will be set up for a stream-lined morning and have more time to wake, get ready and leave at an easy to deal with time, that is, on time!
  6. Think safety and take it seriously…..Leaving on time or a bit early is not only stress-free and smart, it is safe. When you are running late safety is often looked-over. When you are on time, you can drive safely, manage traffic and drive the speed limit.
  7. If you have a watch, wear it.  Make sure you have a watch with clear numbers, with an easy to set timer.  If you find that you dilly-dally while shopping or running errands, put a limit on your excursions.  Set your timer when you walk in a store or the market and see how efficient you can be.  If you have a pre-set time allotted for a trip to the store, you will not have to worry about getting to yoga, school or the bank on time.
  8. Practice makes making it on time easier….If you have been a chronically late person longer than you can remember, change is going to take practice.  Set an intention, take it day by day and, like all things, you can do this… might be the first one to arrive! How about that “new to it” early bird!


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