3 Big Health Benefits of Bilberry

What is Bilberry? When you hear the word bilberry, you might think of blueberry. You wouldn’t be far off in thinking that either, since they are cousins to one another. In fact, the bilberry is also known as the European blueberry [ ... ]

The Cost of Good Health

There is an unfortunate scenario I run into all too often at my pharmacy counter. A patient comes in—newly discharged from the hospital following a heart attack or leaves their doctor’s office with a diagnosis of type 2 [ ... ]

Diet Through The Decades

A woman’s nutritional needs are as unique as her smile, the color of her eyes, or her sense of humor. Those needs change as she ventures through life, navigating her childbearing years and approaching menopause. Luckily, most [ ... ]

Health Tips for Summertime

Summer is approaching and that means warm weather, vacations, and kids home from school. Keep your family healthy and safe this summer with these simple tips.   Hydrate Every cell and tissue in your body needs water to function [ ... ]

Summer Workout Ideas

Summer is a great time to really kick things into gear when it comes to fitness. The weather has finally shifted, and sunshine with the fresh air is on your side to keep you motivated. Even if you have found yourself sitting on [ ... ]

Show Your Heart Some Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s hard for any of us to escape heart-shaped chocolate boxes and huge stuffed animals lining department and grocery stores all around the country. Valentine’s Day is typically [ ... ]

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