The basics of collagen

Type I? Type II? Marine? Bovine? Powder? Capsule? Are you deciding which type of collagen to take or playing a round of go-fish? With all the collagen products on the market, it’s easy to get bogged down. Read on to find out what [ ... ]

The Basics of Disease and Well-Being

Now, more than ever, people are wondering how they can maintain or improve their health to prevent disease. Whether you currently experience disease yourself, have experienced it in the past, know a loved one with a disease or have [ ... ]

What is Systemic Enzyme Therapy?

Enzymes are important compounds that are required to complete many processes in the body. Enzymes are unique because they work as catalysts to assist in chemical reactions. You can imagine enzymes as a counselor mediating a conversation [ ... ]

Effects and Benefits of Boswellia

Benefits and Effects of Boswellia Could a daily dose of Boswellia help you? If you’re wondering what Boswellia is, you’ve come to the right place. Boswellia is an extract, also known as Indian frankincense. It comes from a tree [ ... ]

A Guide to Fats and Omega-3s

Have you heard all about the great health benefits of fish oil, but still aren’t exactly sure what an omega-3 fatty acid is? Or what a fat is in general? Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential nutrients. An essential nutrient [ ... ]

Warning Signs of Lyme Disease

Growing up in Washington state, I have fond memories as a kid running through pine, hemlock, and fir trees with my friends, pretending to be hard-core outdoor survivalists. As a ’90s child, staying indoors to play on a tablet [ ... ]

The Basics of Hemp Extract

If you aren’t yet familiar with hemp extract, you are likely to hear about it from the media in the near future. Unlike the psychoactive compound also found in Cannabis called THC, hemp extract does not cause a “high” or impair [ ... ]

Summer Workout Ideas

Summer is a great time to really kick things into gear when it comes to fitness. The weather has finally shifted, and sunshine with the fresh air is on your side to keep you motivated. Even if you have found yourself sitting on [ ... ]

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