What is Systemic Enzyme Therapy?

Enzymes are important compounds that are required to complete many processes in the body. Enzymes are unique because they work as catalysts to assist in chemical reactions. You can imagine enzymes as a counselor mediating a conversation [ ... ]

Not a fan of fish burps?

The benefits of fish oil continue to be studied, yet some people struggle with the fish burps associated with these capsules. There are a few simple strategies that can be used to reduce your fish oil supplements repeating on you: [ ... ]

What to Look for in Vegan Vitamins

Yes, it is true that a vegan diet can be a very healthy lifestyle choice (and let’s be honest, it’s better for the planet too)! Plants and plant-based foods provide a wide variety of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. [ ... ]

Best multivitamins for men

Although we all have basic nutrient needs to be met, there are a few key ingredients that men should keep an eye out for when researching the right multivitamin. Young or old, active or not, sometimes you don’t always get everything [ ... ]

Making the Best of Aging

As my body raced full-speed into the “golden years”, or the “rust years” as I like to call them, I started thinking about how I could maintain my health as I aged. As a physician I had seen the effects of aging first hand [ ... ]

The Post-Pregnancy Diet

Whether you breastfeed or not, the secret to post-pregnancy nutrition is to gradually lose weight while maintaining or restocking nutrient stores. All nutrition experts agree that the best place for a new mother to get all the essential [ ... ]

A Guide to Fats and Omega-3s

Have you heard all about the great health benefits of fish oil, but still aren’t exactly sure what an omega-3 fatty acid is? Or what a fat is in general? Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential nutrients. An essential nutrient [ ... ]

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