Top 7 foods for better sleep

You’ve learned the hard way how that after-dinner “snack” can keep you up at night (we’re looking at you Ben & Jerry!). That’s because what we eat and drink affects how we sleep—and not just in a bad way. Here are [ ... ]

Blue light and eye health

Blue light is essential during the day Everyone knows how great it feels to walk outside on a sunny day. And that’s not just because we’re in quarantine. It’s because the spectrum of visible light we see stimulates [ ... ]

Are you a sleep eater?

What could you possibly have in common with Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Cary Grant, and Marilyn Monroe? If you toss and turn during the night, rather than sleep like a baby, you might be bedfellows with [ ... ]

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

You might find that having some wine, beer, or a cocktail or two will make you drowsy. About 30 percent of people with insomnia have reported using alcohol to help them sleep (1). It may be true that drinking alcohol before bed [ ... ]

The Basics of Hemp Extract

If you aren’t yet familiar with hemp extract, you are likely to hear about it from the media in the near future. Unlike the psychoactive compound also found in Cannabis called THC, hemp extract does not cause a “high” or impair [ ... ]

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