Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a diet that has recently gained just as much popularity as it has skepticism and criticism. Some swear by it claiming that this is not just a fad diet, but a life-altering approach to food. Others are not [ ... ]

Effects and Benefits of Boswellia

Benefits and Effects of Boswellia Could a daily dose of Boswellia help you? If you’re wondering what Boswellia is, you’ve come to the right place. Boswellia is an extract, also known as Indian frankincense. It comes from a tree [ ... ]

The Basics of Hemp Extract

If you aren’t yet familiar with hemp extract, you are likely to hear about it from the media in the near future. Unlike the psychoactive compound also found in Cannabis called THC, hemp extract does not cause a “high” or impair [ ... ]

8 Supplements for Anti Aging

We’re all looking for the fountain of youth and that one thing we can do to slow down aging. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one thing we can do. We all know that choosing whole foods, prioritizing exercise and sleep, and getting [ ... ]

Essential vitamins your body needs

We all struggle with being healthy from time to time. With all the health advice we get online, in the media, from friends and family, is it any wonder finding the path to wellness is so difficult? Like G.I. Joe taught us in our [ ... ]

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